The Soul Care Spa

Soul Care Treatments

For Christian women over 50


Real life isn't picture perfect.

You've felt the years and earned the wrinkles.

You're over 50, and now...


You're facing changes. Most of the roles you had in life are in transition.


You'd like to make sense of what's behind you and what's ahead of you.

To heal.

To grow.

So you can take the season you're in and make it matter.


To become the companion Jesus longs for.


So that when your time comes to step from earth into His arms, you won't miss a beat.

Because His will be the most familiar embrace you've ever known.


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... To refresh, heal, and beautify your soul 24/7?


... To de-stress with the Lord and just "be?"


... To get the kinks out of your soul-muscles and the sweat of life washed off your heart?


... To refashion and renew your inner life to meet your Bridegroom, Jesus?

Soul care encompasses the tending of your thoughts, emotions, and choices within the safety of the deep love of God.


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The treatments in the Soul Care Spa are real-life, client-tested, and produce life-changing, long term results when applied and practiced.

How do I know this? I use them myself and with my coaching clients.

  • MONTH 1 - Soul Balms

    Your Soul Care Spa treatments start off with connecting deeper with Jesus. To do this, you'll establish 4 foundational, restful, and freeing soul care practices that will be used in various ways throughout your soul care sessions in the months to come.

  • MONTH 2 - Soul Space Sauna

    Over these 4 weeks, you'll create inner and outer space where your soul can be nurtured and flourish. Creating soul space means you are giving the Holy Spirit and yourself the gift of space, time, and care.

  • MONTH 3 - Affirmation Facials

    This month you'll put a smile in your soul as you discover new aspects of yourself. Keeping these insights handy means you can easily review them when life tries to wrinkle your soul.

  • MONTH 4 - Heart Guard Salves

    Apply protection all over your soul by surrounding it with 4 different supernatural salve barriers. Each salve is soothing, fun, and repeatable...and carries a lifetime guarantee from the Creator for your soul protection.

  • MONTH 5 - Soul Cleanse

    All the stuff that landed in your soul dump box since Month 2 has got to go. And, to be honest, you've emptied that box often. So this month I'm going to make cleaning your soul space fun with 4 creative ways to deal with the garbage that builds up in your soul.

  • MONTH 6 - Mental Detox

    Over the 4 weeks of Mental Detox sessions, you'll discover how to identify, remove, and replace the thinking that sabotages your mental peace and companionship with Jesus.

  • MONTH 7 - Emotion Pedicure

    Wouldn't it be nice to feel pretty inside? This month your spa sessions will focus on your emotions—how to identify, embrace, balance, and stabilize them so that your inner beauty, strength, and resilience increase.

  • MONTH 8 - Love Wrap

    Love is who God is and what He does. Since you are His imager, your spa sessions this month will wrap you in 4 ways of connecting to the deep love of God embedded in your spiritual DNA.

  • MONTH 9 - Holy Spirit Massage

    During Month 9 you'll learn and practice how to rest in the inner peace of the Lord, go deeper into His presence, and face your storms with quiet calm.

  • MONTH 10 - Boundaries Bath

    A lack of healthy boundaries can really mess up your thinking, feelings, and choices. This month you'll receive 4 treatments for healthy inner and outer boundaries.

  • MONTH 11 - Gratitude Manicure

    Science is proving what the Bible already says—the practice of gratitude can upgrade your joy levels and change your emotions. Your 4 Soul Care Spa sessions this month are designed to do just that!

  • MONTH 12 - Crisis Soul Care

    In the midst of a crisis you probably aren't thinking about soul care. Yet all your Spa Treatments this past year can be utilized in the pressure of a crisis. This month you'll create 4 personal Soul Care Spa Treatments Plans to implement when your world falls apart.


Fun at the Soul Care Spa

Every month a new Soul Care Spa Treatment Plan will be released for you. Each comes with a short video introduction of the treatment focus for the month and 4 short application videos - one for each of the 4 weeks in a month. You'll also receive a monthly 4-Week Soul Care Spa Treatment Plan e-booklet to download.

Your first month of Soul Care Spa Treatments begins as soon as you subscribe to Tier 2 of the Legacy Lounge Membership.

After 12 months, a new year of treatments will open up for you.

The monthly treatments are designed to be experienced in order, as each month builds upon the ones before. You'll find that the treatments you applied in previous sessions will be referenced and utilized in future ones.

Go at your own pace. You're in control of your own soul care. If need to repeat a treatment, do it! If you miss a few weeks, pick up where you left off when you come back.

The Soul Care Spa comes packaged with instant access to a Library of Courses and a Gathering Place...

...all part of a Tier 2 - Subscription Membership in the Legacy Lounge.


$14.95 a month

  • Everything in TIER 1, PLUS...
  • Soul Care Spa
  • Library of Courses
  • The Gathering Place


Each weekly treatment takes between 30 to 45 minutes depending on the length of the video and the time you invest in the application.

The first week of the month usually takes more time as it includes the video Introduction for the month—the scriptural "why" behind that month's weekly treatments.

Each weekly session is different and includes a simple application activity for your treatment.

The amount of time you want to put into your soul care session each week is very adjustable. Do it all in one sitting or spread it out over several days.

Each video is between 8 and 20 minutes long.

Great question! You'll find other members of the Soul Care Spa very helpful in answering questions and offering encouragement.

You'll find them in The Gathering Place once you become a member.

Plus, I schedule regular Coffee Chats on Zoom, one of the locations for our Gathering Place events.


Great question! I have a whole page dedicated to answering the most frequently asked questions. Just click the FAQ'S tab in the top navigation bar of the Soul Care Spa once you are inside for quick, easy answers.

Then download the PDF copy of the FAQ page and save it on your computer AND print it out for easy reference when you aren't online.

If you still have problems, just shoot me an email and I'll get right on it.

The videos and materials are for your private, personal use only. If you'd like your friends or a group to participate, invite them to purchase a Tier 2 - Membership in the Legacy Lounge. Just send them the link to join:

Because the Tier 2 - Subscription Membership in the Legacy Lounge is a month-by-month payment, we have no refund policy.

When you cancel your membership you won't be billed the next month, but you will have access to the Legacy Lounge until the end of your current month. Then the Soul Care Spa will no longer be accessible to you.

No, you will no longer have access to them once you cancel. That's one reason I keep the subscription price so low—so you won't feel overwhelmed by the monthly price.

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Medication! Please don't disregard any medication your doctor has you taking while enjoying the Soul Care Spa. Your specialists are there for a reason. I'll help you with the soul stuff, they'll work on the body.


Magic potions: I don't do magic outcomes. What the Soul Care Spa provides are the tools and knowledge to deal with the challenges of life. You'll need to do the Spa treatment activities yourself to get results.


A massage table, warm towels, and lovely smelling scents. Sorry... there are limits to what I can provide to make this an awesome experience. HOWEVER, I do address this problem in Month 2.


A perfect life free of problems. You aren't in heaven yet, honey. No matter how extensive the Soul Care Spa is, it can't address all the specific issues related to your life—which is why I provide one-on-one coaching in the Tier 3 - Coaching Membership package. I can also recommend other avenues of help. Plus, you'll find the community wisdom and support in The Gathering Place to be amazing.


Access to a new Soul Care Spa Treatment

Spa Treatment videos

4-Week Soul Care Spa Treatment Plan eBook to download

Easily understood, Scripture based, fun, life-changing treatment applications

A checklist under each video, so you can pick up right where you left off if you get interrupted

ALL this AND more for the monthly price of a lunch out with girlfriends!


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The Soul Care Spa comes packaged with instant access to a Library of Courses and a Gathering Place...

...all part of a Tier 2 - Subscription Membership in the Legacy Lounge.


$14.95 a month

  • Everything in TIER 1, PLUS...
  • Soul Care Spa
  • Library of Courses
  • The Gathering Place

Visit the Legacy Lounge for full details of the Library of Courses and the Gathering Place included in this Tier 2 - Subscription Membership.


I'm Susan Gaddis, a Christian Life Coach with over 45 years of experience as a Pastoral Counselor, Speaker, Author, and Legacy Coach.

I unravel the challenges that come with the aging journey and provide you with the tools you need to confidently navigate its twists and turns.

My goal is to help you kick overwhelm, frustration, and confusion out the door and find the clarity, peace, joy, and resilience you need to embrace this season of your life.

If you want a guide, a coach, and a cheerleader, I invite you to join me in the Soul Care Spa.

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