Are You Ready to Refresh, Recharge, and Reclaim Your Joy NOW?

Have you've been feeling blah lately?

  • Discouraged by all the trauma going on
  • Lacking motivation
  • A bystander in your own life
  • Needing to jumpstart your joy in Jesus but not knowing how?

Then these 5 days are going to help you reboot your joy in a BIG way!

Think of it as a spiritual spa experience with the Holy Spirit.

Each day you’ll receive a short, joy-infused video and activity to help you:

  • let go
  • rest in the midst of your busy
  • recharge with Jesus
  • reclaim your soul peace

AND enjoy the simple things of a life well-lived!

Linda M. Quinlan

Paso Robles, California | Insurance Broker

I loved the course! I looked forward to it each morning. It was uplifting, and I appreciated the personal experiences Susan shared. I also loved the fact that it was not lengthy, but filled with tools to use to not only get my Joy back, but to keep it!

Here's What To Expect

Each day for 5 days you'll spend a few minutes watching a video and completing a short activity designed to reboot your soul into JOY!

The benefits are eternal.

You’ll also have the opportunity to post a sentence or photo of your soul care activity in our private Reboot Into Joy Facebook group (totally optional).

  • DAY 1:

    Unpack a simple but powerful exercise to wrap around your day... so you can take control of your joy level

  • DAY 2:

    Embrace a new way of connecting with Jesus... so joy is sprinkled throughout your day

  • DAY 3

    Experience a healthy soul snack... so the joy of the Lord becomes your strength

  • DAY 4

    Relax with a soul care manicure... so your joy is beautifully shared with others

  • DAY 5

    Discover the surprising secret to ongoing joy... so your heart never runs low on joy again!

What Others Are Saying

Beverly A Lyons

Asbury Park, New Jeresy

Reboot into Joy was the best, intimate, fun dosage of love portion ever prescribed from our loving Father from Heaven! Still rejoicing in my renewed liberty.


I enjoyed the Reboot Into JOY mini-course so much. A fun activity, but huge blessing in my daily devotion time. It often becomes difficult to remain "inspired" when doing devotions alone. This group was delightful, informative, and a benefit to my soul. Thank you!

Are you ready to refresh, recharge, and reclaim your joy?

You can do this.

And with a price tag of $0...

You can afford it.

Susan Gaddis photo

Hey, hi. I'm Susan Gaddis,

I create empowering, fun, and relatable personal growth experiences for women over 50.

So you can conquer your challenges with CLARITY, CONFIDENCE, and RESILIENCE

With this free mini-course, I'm inviting you to invest a little time over 5 days for your own soul care.

I want to see your joy renewed, your heart refreshed, and your companionship with Jesus enriched.

Finally, if you have friends who would appreciate a Reboot Into Joy, just email them this following link… or post the link on Facebook:

Joy is always better when shared with a friend.

See you in your inbox!


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