Hey, Hey

Let's be honest: no one likes to talk about why their grown kids aren't Christians. Or, if we do, the conversation sounds doom and gloomy.

I'm not into doom and gloom. And I want to talk about kids who grow up and choose not to follow Jesus, whether raised in a Christian home or not.

Because it breaks my heart.

AND because we, as parents, don't need to settle into the doom and gloom mode.

There's so much we can do, both in the physical realm and in the spiritual realm, to graciously influence our grown kids towards Jesus.

So I'm throwing a party at my place, The Legacy Lounge, to talk about the things God is up to with our kids.

And what we can do about their lack of interest in Jesus.

10 Days - 5 Videos. AND community... sitting around our private Facebook group living room sipping tea and talking God stuff, our kids, and their families (because I'm not about to let my grandkids miss heaven either).

Here's What I'm Serving Up

Every other day you'll watch a video designed to give you new ways to attract your grown children and their kids to the Lord.

  • VIDEO 1:

    Tune in with the God of the Possible and see what's on His agenda for your kids and their kids... so your heart can sing again.

  • VIDEO 2:

    Take inventory of what you see in the darkness of your grown child's lifeā€”the doom and gloom stuff. Then shred it... so peace dissolves the scary "what ifs" that keep you awake at night.

  • VIDEO 3:

    Change the atmosphere in unseen places of the spirit realm... so your adult kids and grandkids get a clear view of God.

  • VIDEO 4:

    Glean fresh ideas to build a bridge between you, your children, their families AND Jesus... so joy can sparkle in your family relationships as the Holy Spirit captures their attention.

  • VIDEO 5:

    Grab some powerful tools to pray your son, daughter, their kids, and future generations into God's you can take your place on the front lines of God's most powerful army fighting for the ones you love.

You don't have to bring anything. This party is on me.

Susan Gaddis photo

Hey, hi. I'm Susan Gaddis, founder of The Legacy Lounge, an online Soul Care Spa, Community Center, and Library of courses you need for the being and the doing of your legacy of faith.

I'm inviting you to invest a little time over 10 days in your grown child's future.

Every two days you'll spend about 30 minutes watching a short video and completing an activity. The benefits are eternal.

We'll meet up to chat in our private Paving the Way Facebook community (for members only) where you'll find encouragement, get questions answered, and receive prayer support.

I want to see your hope renewed, joy mark your days, and your kids' hearts open to Jesus.

So consider this your invitation to pave the way for your grown children and grandchildren to come to Christ. Join me!

Paving the Way is part of a Legacy Lounge Tier 1 - Free Membership. Click HERE to learn more about what the Legacy Lounge has to offer.