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There's always a BUT...

Your nest emptied. You have more time for yourself. Good things surround you.

BUT age also comes wrapped with unexpected challenges and emotions...

...feelings with names like:




You're right on schedule

Besides the challenges of caring for elderly parents, financial juggling, health issues, concerns for your kids and grandchildren... also have accumulated trauma, wounds, and scars over the years.

Many of which still need to be addressed.


Life isn't what it used to be. And it isn't what it has yet to become.

You question your roles in life.

God's Not Surprised

He's been waiting for this time.


Time where He can draw you close, hold you tight, heal your heart, and teach you how to rule and reign over your soul—your thoughts, feelings, and reactions.

It's Called Soul Care

Soul care encompasses the tending of your thoughts, emotions, and choices within the safety of the deep love of God.


And the Holy Spirit takes it very seriously.

It's part of grooming you as the bride of Christ.


Because Jesus wants more than a relationship,

He wants to be your companion.


The Legacy Lounge provides a place for you and the Holy Spirit to:

Nurture your soul

Expand your vision and experience of Jesus

Conquer your challenges with clarity, confidence, and resilience

Cultivate your important relationships

Establish your legacy


I'll be there too, holding your hand, cheering you on, and providing the structure needed so you don't move forward too fast or too slow.


Because Jesus is what your "now" and your eternity future is all about.

Create Your Own Soul Care Program

Design your own soul care program with courses that will shape:

  • YOU

    It's time to experience a Holy Spirit led discovery of YOU through deep soul nurture, listening, healing, and growth.

  • Your God experience

    You crave something deeper, fuller, fresher, and more real with Jesus than what you had when you were younger.

  • Your relationships

    Because your soul is influenced by your concern for those you love and how you relate to them.

  • Your legacy

    You want your life to matter. Your soul legacy is established through your stories, ministry, and memory-making activities.

The Legacy Lounge offers 3 Tiers of membership:

Free Membership - Tier 1

Subscription Membership - Tier 2

Coaching Membership - Tier 3

Scroll down to view details of all Tiers.

FYI - Tier 2 is our most popular. It comes packaged with instant access to a Soul Care Spa, Library of Courses, and a Gathering Place.

TIER 2 - Subscription Membership

$ 14.95 a month

  • Everything in TIER 1, PLUS...
  • Soul Care Spa
  • Library of Courses
  • Online Gathering Place

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Tier 1 - Free Membership

In Tier 1 you'll find 3 and 5-day mini-courses to help you transition and embrace the latter seasons of life and navigate the challenges you face. Each challenge swirls together scriptural truth and fun with practical application.

5 ways to attract your grown children to Jesus. Click HERE for course details.

5 days to refresh, recharge, and reclaim your joy! Click HERE for details.

Tier 2 - Subscription Membership

A Tier 2 Membership comes packaged with instant access to:

Soul Care Spa * Library of Courses * The Gathering Place

All for the price of a monthly lunch out with girlfriends.


Refreshing and renewing for the woman over 50, the Soul Care Spa is the heart and soul of the Legacy Lounge.

Designed to help you be fully present to what's important to you and to God, your spa sessions provide a place to rest, heal, learn, grow and process your life through a deepening experience with Jesus.

Each month you'll access a theme video along with 4 soul care treatments—one activity to put into practice each week. (A yearly value of $1,000.)

All designed to help you gain clarity, confidence, peace, and resilience within.

Click HERE for Spa details.


A Tier 2 Subscription Membership also includes full access to a growing Library of Courses for creating your own soul care program. (A value of $800.)

Wake up next month confident that your grown kids will know Christ. Click HERE for course details.

Share God's favor, purpose, and embrace with others through 5 different kinds of blessings. Click HERE for course details.

Creative ways to preserve and share your legacy stories. Click HERE for course details.

A step-by-step process to master the art of hearing God's voice. Click HERE for course details.


The Legacy Lounge Gathering Place

Get deep, meaningful support from like-minded women who are in the trenches of aging with you.

Our private community, The Gathering Place, encourages and prays for each other, laughs a lot, and discusses things that younger women can't quite relate to yet. We meet up for coffee, tea, and chats on Zoom.

(New friends are priceless!)

TIER 2 - Subscription Membership

$ 14.95 a month

  • Everything in TIER 1, PLUS...
  • Soul Care Spa
  • Library of Courses
  • Online Gathering Place

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You can cancel your subscription anytime you like. You'll find a button to do that on your Account page. Your membership will remain active until your next scheduled billing date. No refunds will be given because of this. You just won't be charged moving forward.

Everything in the Lounge memberships is for your personal use only. You don't have permission to share it with others. You may, however, invite friends to join a membership tier and access their own materials so you can go through the offerings together.

Of course! You'll eventually be over 50, so you might as well prepare now.

New courses are added whenever I have time and know there is a need. I have so many on the drawing board, that you'll be finding them added often.

Click on any course image above in Tiers 1 and 2 to view details of that particular course.

Tier 3 - Coaching Membership


See description below under Tier 3 - Membership Pricing.


See description below under Tier 3 - Membership Pricing.


TIER 1 - Free Membership

$ 0

  • 5-day mini courses
  • Private Facebook Groups
  • Resources
  • Surprises!
  • Register for your first free Tier 1 course today!

To view the details of a course, click on the course image.

TIER 2 - Subscription Membership

$ 14.95 a month

  • Everything in TIER 1, PLUS...
  • Soul Care Spa
  • Library of Courses
  • Online Gathering Place
  • Resources
  • Surprises!

You can cancel your membership anytime.

TIER 3 - Coaching Membership

Priced by package

  • Everything in TIER 1
  • Plus the package of your choice below

8-Weeks of Group Coaching

How to Leave a Problem in God's Hands ... and not steal it back!

  • Rule over worry rather than have it rule you
  • Expand your faith - shrink your fear
  • 8 Video Lessons
  • 9 live video Group Coaching sessions
  • Each coaching session is recorded for easy reference
  • Weekly downloads and worksheets
  • Groups are limited to 10 people
  • BEGINS 2023

Personal Coaching

Let's see if I've got what you need. Click for a FREE Discovery Call.

  • Gain clarity, confidence, and resilience
  • Conquer your challenges
  • Find breakthrough and move forward quickly
  • Private and personal appointments focused on YOUR needs
  • Christian based life coaching
  • Worksheets and other resources
  • 1-on-1 appointments via Zoom

Hi, I'm Susan

Susan Gaddis photo

I'm a Christian Life Coach with over 45 years of experience as a Pastoral Counselor, Speaker, Author, and Legacy Coach.

I unravel the challenges that come with the aging journey and provide you with the tools you need to confidently navigate its twists and turns.

My goal is to help you kick overwhelm, frustration, and confusion out the door and find the clarity, peace, joy, and resilience you need to embrace this season of your life.

If you want a guide, a coach, and a cheerleader, I invite you to join one of the Legacy Lounge membership tiers.

I'll see you on the inside!