You’ve earned a place in The Lounge

 You’ve got more wrinkles than you care to mention. Your nest is either empty, or it soon will be.

 You finally have room to think about what you’ve learned in life, and how you want to wrap it up.

 You muse over the most important things you want your family to know… about Jesus, faith, and how to “do” relationships well.

 The Legacy Lounge, a place for the being and the doing of your faith.


 Heaven is more on your mind than when you were young. So, of course, you want those you love to be there too.

 Even though you don’t totally have your act together, you won’t let aging slow you down from growing into the likeness of Jesus… at least in your attitudes and actions.

 Plus, you know that you’re at your best when your insides are: worry-free, confident and filled with joy.

But the reality is…

Your insides aren’t always peaceful and full of joy.

You worry about your kids and grandkids more than you care to admit.

You have no clue if everyone you love is connecting with Jesus.

The Legacy Lounge, for the being and the doing of your faith with Susan Gaddis.


And, hey…

As you’ve grown older, you feel crabby sometimes. Maybe a lot.

When you soul is off kilter like that, people don’t want to be around you.

Heck! You don’t want to be around you!

What if…

The Legacy Lounge, for the being and the doing of your faith.You had a special place where you could de-stress with Jesus and just “be?”

A place where you could focus your heart and renew your strength so you could “do” the things that — in your book — count for eternity?

A virtual spa, so to speak, full of soothing resources to pamper and refresh your soul 24/7.

And suppose…

A library of courses offered in the Legacy Lounge by Susan Gaddis.

…this place had a library of online courses to make use of as you linger over a cup of coffee or your favorite lavender tea?

An online course that provides answers on how to connect your faith to those you love without being pushy.

Or a course on how to write a book of your life stories to give to your kids and grandkids. You know—the stories that share your values, wisdom, reflections, and your faith journey.

Or even a course that’s a guided journey in how to hear God’s voice whisper in your ear as He draws you into deeper intimacy.

All in a library where you can discover how to live your faith in such a way that people follow your example of how to gracefully handle whatever live throws at you.


A Soul Care Community offered in The Legacy Lounge by Susan Gaddis.Let’s add in a gathering place—a coffee shop, if you will, a cozy community of like-minded souls.

A group that shares your victories, prays for you and cheers you on in your journey.

New friends that become old friends as you work your way through the courses in the library together…

… chatting, laughing, and encouraging one another.

Welcome to the Legacy Lounge

An online subscription membership site for women over 50 who want to build their own soul care program.

Within its doors you find:

Tier 1 – Free Membership

  • Free courses that give you a taste of what’s available in the rest of the Lounge

Tier 2 – Subscription Membership

  • A Soul Care Spa where you’ll receive a monthly package (video sessions and e-Book downloads) so you can weekly pamper, refresh, and grow your soul
  • A Library with online courses so you can create your own soul care program based on your needs and desires
  • The Gathering Place where you can gather to chat, ask questions, and process life with women your age who “get it”

Tier 3 – Coaching Membership

  • Group Life Coaching and 1-on-1 Life Coaching

Everything you need to make your second half of life better than the first …

To get a taste of the Library of Courses in the Tier 2 area of our membership site, click on an image below.

Canning a Lifetime of Story is a course offered in The Legacy Lounge by Susan Gaddis. Master the Art of Hearing God's Voice is a course offered in The Legacy Lounge by Susan Gaddis.

To sign up for one of our free courses in Tier 1 – Free Membership, click on the Paving the Way image.

Paving the Way, a free course in The Legacy Lounge.


We will reopen on August 6th.


To get updates and your invitation to our grand opening, click the Spa image below.

A 24/7 virtual spa to refresh and renew your soul and spirit.

Hi, I’m Susan

I’m a spiritual legacy coach & passionate for Jesus.

I give women the down-home SOUL utensils + “recipes” to create an amazing legacy of faith

  • from the inside out
  • whether their lives are sparkly or gray
  • communicated to their world through grace and joy
  • leaving lasting results in the people they love

Join me!

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