I know you’ve fought your dragons and faced your fears.

You’re working on living a life of faith, and you’re absolutely in love with Jesus. Right?

Yet you long to hear the Lord whisper in your ear, glean His direction in the midst of struggle, and you’re passionate to see more answers to prayer.

Perhaps you feel…


I’m not sure if it’s God’s voice I hear. What if it’s just me or, heaven forbid, the Enemy?


I want more intimacy with Jesus, but I don’t know what that’s supposed to look like or how to achieve it.


I don’t hear from God as other people do. What’s wrong with me?


I’ve waited for God to talk to me during some rough seasons of my life and haven’t heard much.

Raise your hand if any of these sound familiar:

  You wrestle with hearing God’s voice in times of stress—just when you need Him the most

  When someone says, “Listen for the Lord’s voice,” you can’t—your emotions or busy thoughts are getting the way

  You wonder how to move forward when you don’t hear God guiding you

  You struggle to hear God’s voice through all the noise and crackle of your daily life

  You think you could learn to hear God speak to you if you just had a little help

  You’d love to belong to a group who, together, are learning 16 different ways God speaks

Susan helped take away all doubt I had about hearing from God. I did the exercises at the end of each of her lessons, and God spoke to me! Over and over again. I knew He wanted me to be able to hear Him, I just didn’t know the ‘how’ until I took Susan’s course.

– Diane Carroll, Paso Robles, California

So imagine for a moment that you have:


to live in your birthright of hearing God speak, even when your days are filled with confusion, stress, and the noise of the world.


to discern the Lord’s voice from all other voices, including the Enemy’s, another person’s, or even your own voice—no more doubt!


that you will recognize God speaking in any situation because you’ve learned to hear and respond to 16 different ways He speaks.


because you know how to effective communicate what the Lord tells you.


with Jesus that you’ve longed for and finally can experience.

Interested? Consider this your official invitation to

How to Master the Art of Hearing God’s Voice

A step-by-step process to erase your doubt + deepen your intimacy with God

Lori Barrow, Youth With A Mission Pismo Beach, California

Here’s what you’ll get:

  Over 9 hours of step-by-step video training modules

  One click video bookmarking and progress tracker for each module

  Putting It into Practice exercises—making application easy

  A syllabus—perfect for off-line study

  Simple worksheets for those who like to take notes

  Cheat sheets to keep in your Bible for quick, easy reference

  Convenient, 24/7 access to all the course materials


Susan’s personal experiences make this course interesting. Who doesn’t like a good story? I know that her recommendations have been tested through life experience and can be trusted. Her suggestions are easy to incorporate into life—they have a reality to them.

Her presentation of the different voices people hear in their minds was especially useful to me in discerning God’s voice from my own thinking and other influences.

Her specific procedure for journaling dreams provided a framework for understanding and appreciating my dreams as one of God’s ways of communicating. -Jean Knox, San Luis Obispo, California

Your training includes these modules:

MODULE #1     God Is a Communicator

Learn why God wants to communicate with you, and how to deal with the biggest roadblocks hindering your ability to hear the Holy Spirit.

MODULE #2     Learning to Listen

Discover how to listen and discern the Lord’s voice from all other voices, how to create your personal safety net, and how to remember what God says to you.

MODULE #3     Five Basic Ways to Hear God’s Voice

Uncover how God speaks through your spiritual GPS, a sense of peace, an inner or audible voice, your imagination, and other people.

MODULE #4     Four More Ways to Hear God’s Voice

Practice hearing Jesus through creation, artistic expression, music, and your physical senses.

MODULE #5     Listening to Dreams and Visions

Grasp the basics of dreams and visions, how to read the symbols in your dreams and visions, and how to use cheat sheets to help you process your dreams and visions.

MODULE #6     Listening to God Through Scripture

Find out how to experience God through the ancient Christian practice of Lectio Divina, how to pray the Word, and how the Holy Spirit speaks through Scripture pep talks.

MODULE #7     Hearing God in the Quiet

Learn how to quiet your mind and emotions through solitude and silence, reflective listening, and statio so you can hear the Lord’s voice. Plus, you’ll find out how to use journaling to tune into the Spirit’s whisper.

BONUS MODULE #8     Hearing God in the Storm or The Desert

Aha! This is a bonus module designed to help you apply your training in the most difficult seasons of your life.

What people are saying…

During the How to Master the Art of Hearing God’s Voice Course God spoke to me about the voices we deal with in this world along with what Susan calls Demonic Thought Starters.

I began paying more attention to thoughts and categorizing them to see where they were actually coming from. I found it easier to shut down the thoughts from the Enemy once I realized they weren’t mine. -Philip Nava, San Luis Obispo, California

Although I have experience hearing from Jesus fairly regularly, I felt that perhaps I could learn to experience Him more. So I took Susan’s How to Master the Art of Hearing God’s Voice Course. She’s a very interesting teacher, and her personal applications of the subject are particularly engaging.

For me, the highlights of this course were the Syllabus and the Putting It into Practice exercises we did. They helped make the teaching a vital part of my relationship to Christ. I definitely recommend this course to anyone, whatever age you are or however long you’ve been a Christian. -Virginia Blackburn, Garden City, Idaho

Oh, you want some bonuses? You got ’em!

 BONUS #1     Community

In this course, you’ll connect with other students via our private Facebook group. Share your stories, ask your questions, learn from others, and provide your own insights—even after you’ve finished the course.

 BONUS #2     Lifetime Access

When you join the How to Master the Art of Hearing God’s Voice Course, you’re good for as long as it exists. If you don’t finish in 8 weeks, no problem. Finish at your own pace.

 BONUS #3     Spiritual Etiquette Tips

God’s created you to have influence. That’s one way His kingdom is expanded. But to have influence you need to know how to gracefully communicate what you hear from the Lord with others… and how to weigh what others tell you about what they’ve heard God say.

 BONUS #4     Progress Chart

To stay focused and keep on track without becoming overwhelmed, I’ve provided a Progress Chart built right into each module!


What others love about this course…

The strongest features for me in the Hearing God’s Voice course are the Biblical insights, Susan’s personal experiences, and the etiquette tips for sharing what God says to you with others.

-Beyth P., Wyoming

Susan is a very engaging teacher. I love the way she shares personal stories and deeper understanding of how to hear from God. Three specific things I like about this course are:

  • Exploring different ways that God will choose to talk to you.
  • The community—asking questions and getting answers about things that encourage a closer walk with God.
  • Getting various points of view as Susan and members of the class shared their ideas

-Sandra Clark, Wade, North Carolina

One of the things I like about Susan’s course is the opportunity to interact with others. I knew I wasn’t going through this course alone, yet I could participate from my home while having my wet hair wrapped in a towel.

-Donna Lutton, Novato, California


  How long will this course take to finish?

That totally depends on you and your schedule.

The amount of time you put into watching the videos, doing the exercises, and joining our private Facebook group discussions is totally up to you.

Take all the time you need. This is your course to complete in your way and on your schedule. You have lifetime access for as long as the course exists.

  How is this course different from other training I’ve gone through for hearing God speak to me?

Good question, and since I don’t know what training you’ve had, I can’t give you a definite answer. But here’s what I can say: I developed this course based on my expertise gained through 61 years of being a Christian, four years of Bible college, and over 45 years of being in the trenches of ministry. Everything presented in the modules is part of my life experience and what I’ve been mentoring students in for many years.

  Can I use this course in a Bible study setting or with others?

No. The course is part of a membership site called The Legacy Lounge, so the videos and downloads are for members only. Your friends are welcome to become members by registering for the course too. Just send them the link to this page.

  What if I have questions that aren’t answered in the videos?

Whoo-hoo! That’s what our private Facebook group is for! Ask your questions and give your input on other student’s questions. There’s a lot of wisdom there. Share your stories. Join the conversations. (I hang out there regularly.)

  Is there a refund policy?

Of course. I’ll issue you a full refund as long as it is requested within 7 days of purchase.

Because Susan is one of the most knowledgeable people I know, and I trust her judgment completely, I took this course. I wanted to sharpen my skills in hearing the Lord. It confirmed lots of things that God had been showing me over the years, yet taught me new approaches to listening I had not considered. -Julia Mitchell, Atascadero, California


Fun facts about me…

Hi, I’m Susan

I’m a wife, author, speaker, spiritual legacy coach, a veteran homeschooler, and a self-appointed expert at hosting a yearly Camp Grandma.

My husband, Tom, and I have raised 6 kids and survived. As did they, thankfully.

I’ve spent the 43 years as one of the staff pastors at Father’s House church in Atascadero, California, and now, in retirement, work as a Christian life coach.

I’ve done a lot of ministry stuff like biblical counseling, directing a School of Ministry, leading intercession teams, and guiding a women’s ministry. All of which I love.


My Story

I’m a biblical counselor and coach. I coach people who are stuck in some area of their life.

Often it boils down to their frustration in hearing God speak to them. And frankly, I’d have a lot fewer clients if they could clearly hear God’s voice for themselves and hear it more often.

So I took a course I’ve been teaching for years and offered it to people online… people who have the heart to go deeper in Jesus and leave a legacy that makes Him famous now and long after they’re gone.

Because when I help you master the art of hearing God’s voice, you’ll experience an intimacy with Jesus that’s deeper and fuller than you have now.

A quick review of the course perks:

  Online 8-week course

  Instant (+ lifetime) access to all 8 video modules

  Downloadable syllabus, worksheets, and cheat sheets

  Exclusive access to our live video conference calls and our private Facebook Group

If you’re ready for this course,

I’d like to invite you to become a subscription member of:


Where you can build your own Soul Care Program:

  • A SOUL CARE SPA: monthly videos and downloads for weekly soul care
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I’m Susan Gaddis

I’m a life coach & passionate for Jesus.

I give women the down-home SOUL utensils + “recipes” to create an amazing legacy of faith

    • from the inside out
    • whether their lives are sparkly or gray
    • communicated to their world through grace and joy
    • leaving lasting results in the people they love

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