Creative Ways to Preserve and Share Your Legacy Stories


the first book of

your legacy stories

for the people you love

in 6 weeks—without OVERWHELM!

Why this course?

I recently attended the memorial service for a cousin. At dinner afterward, I looked around and realized that the storytellers in our family were almost gone.


Those who held the journey tales of how we came to be “us” were slowly losing their treasured memories.


Few were left who remembered the personalities and lives of the ones who mattered to me.


And I wondered who would remember my stories after a generation or two had passed?


Who would tell my God stories?


Would pictures of me convey my values and life lessons?


Would I become just a name on the family tree?

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It was time to gather my stories and design a creative way to present them.


And that’s what you’ll do when you join me for Canning a LIFETIME of Story.

Let's make this easy...

In this course, you’ll learn exactly how to take your life stories, stir in your faith and values, add your lessons-learned to the mix, and serve that wisdom up in a creative way to those you love.


Super fun, original, and guess what!

When you’re done, you’ll know you’ve communicated the most important things to the most important people in your life PLUS you’ll have the tools to whip up more!


And you’ll do it all without overwhelm! Complete it in 6 weeks or 6 months, it’s up to you.

What If you could...

  • Create a book of stories that communicates your life & walk of faith?

  • Identify plenty of personal stories that hold your insights, values, & wisdom?

  • Use various tips & tricks for writing a good story, without worrying about being “a good writer?"

  • Swirl your personal creativity into a book even if you don’t have a creative bone in your body?

  • Stop thinking, “Someday I’ll write a book for my family,” because you’ll have already done it?

How would all thaaaat make you feel?

(You can put your hand down. I already know your answer.)

Canning a lifetime of story writer

Who is this course for?

Writers and non-writers: If you love to write, great! If you’re a want-to-be writer, perfect! If you’d like to work with someone who will take your stories & write them for you, I can help make that happen.


Creatives: If you have any kind of creative interest OR you’d like to grow the creative part of you — this course is for you.


Storytellers: If you long to take the snippets of your life & record them for those you love, here’s your chance.

Carol Morrison in Canning a Lifetime of Story

Carol Morrison

Clarksburg, West Virgina

The experience of working with Susan in Canning a LIFETIME of Story has been genuine from day one.

She wanted each of us in the course to succeed and willingly offered herself to help get that accomplished with her knowledge, tips, and critiques that were always right on.

She made me feel very comfortable from the start as strangers but finishing as sisters united in Christ with a common goal to leave a godly legacy for our family. JOY!


What to expect...

A Step-by-Step 6 Week Course

Each week is broken down into 3 SIMPLE video lessons: one for Monday, one for Wednesday, & one for Friday. Each short video lesson will contain 1 SIMPLE task for you to complete.


An Online Writer’s Circle

Every day you’ll have access to an optional, private Writer’s Circle Facebook group where we’ll share our creations, offer encouragement, pray for one another, & nourish our souls together in Jesus.


Guest Speakers

You’ll also enjoy guest speakers who share on a variety of topics, all designed to help and encourage you.

Joan Wood tells her story at Canning a Lifetime of Story

Joan Wood

Canandaigue, New York

I signed up for this course to be inspired to write again and do it well. I loved the teaching and coaching from Susan and the interaction with the other course members. Now I’m constantly thinking, ‘How can I write that in a story?’ I loved the entire experience!


Questions for Canning a Lifetime of Story

You have a lot of options: a Shutterfly book containing your stories and photos, a Kindle e-book or paperback book, PDF e-book, handwritten journal, blog, or a recipe/storybook—whatever brings you joy in creating it.

I provide links and a video so turning your stories into book form won't overwhelm you.

Each week you’ll learn to write a different kind of story, including:

  • General Stories
  • Value Stories
  • Wisdom Stories
  • Faith Stories
  • Reflection Stories
  • Elder Stores

You also learn story writing techniques, editing tips, how to include photos, and lots more.

This totally depends on you. Personally, I do a Shutterfly book that contains my stories plus photos to go with them. My six kids love getting these for Christmas.

Since I only do one book a year with 10 to 12 stories in it, I consider each new book part of a legacy book series. Easy peasy to do in 6 weeks, and my Christmas shopping is done for the year!

Of course, you can always do a more traditional paperback book or a Kindle book. (I’ll show you how.) Others make their book a more continuous project via a blog. Some create & publish a recipe book that swirls their stories in with their favorite recipes.

At the very least, you’ll have a good start to a project that can take as long as you like to finish.

This is your course to complete in your way and on your schedule.

However, if you cancel your Legacy Lounge Tier 2 membership, you will no longer be able to access the material.

Of course not. Our Facebook group is totally optional. Most students, though, find it helpful to open a Facebook account, if they haven’t got one already, as the feedback is priceless.

I usually do this course "live" once a year for 6 weeks. During that time I host Writers' Circle calls on Zoom. You will get a notice via email when this happening so you can jump in and join the fun.


Well, you’ve got my ear. I’m dyslexic. I can’t live without my spellchecker or my husband who checks my spelling if I bribe him with cookies.

And I’ve been at war with commas for 50 years. Some editing is important, but a lot is optional. (Grammar Chicks, don’t throw stones at me just yet.)

I’ve got a strategy for the grammarless and hope for the hopeless. Trust me. You’ll be OK.

Great question! I have a whole page dedicated to answering the most frequently asked questions. Just click the FAQ'S tab in the top menu bar of your course once you are inside for quick, easy answers.

Then download the PDF copy of the FAQ page and save it on your computer AND print it out for easy reference when you aren't online.

If you still have problems, just shoot me an email and I'll get right on it.

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This is it! It's your legacy.

It doesn't start later.

It's already here.

Decision time for Canning a Lifetime of Story

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