5 Days of Blessings

Sharing God's Favor, Purpose,

and Embrace With Others

Want to bless the socks off someone?

Do you ever feel FRUSTRATED because you...

…are so “done” with all the negative and hateful words filling our airways?

5 days of blessings
5 Days of Blessings invite image

…want those you love to know God’s protection, but they’re tired of hearing you nag them about staying safe.

…don’t have time to think up a personalized note for a friend’s celebration?

5 Days of Blessing invite image
5 Days of Blessing invite image

…want your kids to feel positive about their future because God holds destiny in His hand for each of them?

…are called upon to give a toast at a wedding and haven't the faintest idea of what to say?

5 Days of Blessings invite image 6
5 Days of Blessing image 7 invite

…are tired of writing a boring “happy birthday” on friends’ timelines when social media announces their birthdays?

I Thought You Might Be. SO...

I’m inviting you to 5 DAYS OF BLESSINGS…

…sharing God’s favor, purpose, and embrace with others.

A blessing can set destiny, heal a wounded heart, impart joy, and affirm a person’s worth and value.


Creating a blessing is an art … and in this COURSE

you’ll become an artistic “blesser.”

Each Day for 5 Days You'll...

  • View a short video
  • Download an e-Book
  • Complete a short blessing activity
  • Enjoy the warm glow of blessing others
  • Gain confidence in sharing your values & wisdom through a blessing
  • Know you’ve found the perfect words to express God’s heart
  • Experience the joy that springs from giving a blessing either spoken or written
5 Days of Blessing invite image

What others are saying...

Janet Wilson circle

Janet Wilson

Paso Robles, California

I was at my workplace Christmas dinner, and I was able to stand up and give a blessing to 10 co-workers. God prompted me to use what I'd learned in your class, 5 Days of Blessings. Thank you for sharing so I could share with these women.

Nicole West circle

Nicole West

Atascadero, California

I wasn't raised a Christian so I have always felt uncomfortable praying out loud (even with my husband). When we prayed this morning, my prayer was comfortable and from the heart. I realized I was using the lessons from this week of 5 Days of Blessings in my prayer!

Mary Rufener on 5 Days of Blessings

Mary Rufener

Hollister, California

I loved Susan's instructions in 5 Days of Blessings. It gave me an arena to learn something new in a way that was challenging but doable for me. Being blessed back from my recipients was an unexpected surprise!

By the end of our 5 days together,

you'll know how to craft 5 different kinds of blessings:


Social Media Blessing

Value Blessing

Memory Blessing

Scripture blessing

Blessing Prayer


Each day's activity is super fun, short, and easy,

so yesss... you CAN fit this into your crazy, busy life.

Francie Coon image

Francie Coon

Alturas, California

We have a Bible study consisting of teachers and administration from our local school district that meets at my house. We'd been noticing rather intense spiritual oppression at the High School for several weeks. Seems like the enemy was pushing buttons and causing stress to a degree that one woman was going to lose her job. My principal asked me about it, and I told him it was spiritual.

Tonight as a group, we decided to wage our own war. How? Exactly the opposite of the enemy. We are going to tangibly bless one another daily. We are going to be creative, consistent and genuine. Thank you, Susan, for this timely and valuable lesson. Your material is impacting my world.


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